Welcome to The Sandhurst Club


Founded amidst the turbulence of the goldrush era, the Sandhurst Club's history is as equally dramatic.

Spending the first two decades of existence in borrowed accommodation, and surviving two lapses, The Sandhurst Club reformed in 1881 and a fine permanent home was constructed in 1893. The building occupied land overlooking Rosalind Park and was leased from the Sandhurst Trustees for the next thirty years. Finally, in 1925, The Sandhurst Club not only owned the building, but the land it sat upon.

Over this period, Bendigo both prospered and faltered, however, The Sandhurst Club never wavered from its purpose. Succeeding generations of members have treated The Sandhurst Club with the same respect as the founders. Indeed, the grandness of the building designed by WC. Vahland, the unbroken use as a Club and the unique role it has played in Bendigo's history assure its future.